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  • How long does it take to install a GRP Roof?

    This can very depending on the size and detail required in the roof. However, based on an average 25m2 roof with no extra detail (i.e. lanterns / roof lights) the GRP application can be completed in 1 day. Any removal of pre-existing roof material and re-boarding would be completed separately by a joiner / builder.

  • What guarantees are available with a Mack Flat Roof System?

    Mack Flat Roof Systems offer a 25 year manufacturers / approved installer guarantee for all GRP work and a 20 year manufacturers guarantee for all high performance felts.

  • How long does a roof take to 'dry'? what if it rains?

    The roof normally cures within an hour or so of being laid. it is laid in two stages; the main laminate and the topcoat. Either layer can be stopped at any time and covered over to be continued when the weather is next suitable.

  • What is the minimum/maximum pitch I can use the Mack Flat Roof System on?

    Mack Flat Roof Systems can be used on any pitch up to vertical and it can be used for completely flat areas. These areas may hold water without any detrimental affect on the material.

  • Can I use tiles/cladding/decking with the Mack Flat Roof System?

    Absolutely, as long as the grout does not contain cement the tiles can be laid directly to the laminate though you will need further guidance on bonding instructions depending on the application.

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